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Male Rape

victoriaplaceo started this conversation

I have never written about male rape before except a bit about prison rape. My writing about prison rape had to do with not wanting my rapist to get raped in prison even though he did it to me.

I guess one reason that i have not written about male rape or male rape victims is because this was my blog about my experiences. After watching the video below I realized that by only focusing on myself and my experiences I may me doing a great disservice to the readers.

I have talked often about others taking a minute to put themselves in a rape survivors shoes to help support them. However, I have never done that myself when it comes to male rape victims. Regardless of gender rape is there and it can throw off ones life completely.

So when I came across this video and saw the male rape victim statistics I thought WOW, here I am, just writing about me (which is really what this blog was meant to be) and thinking how selfish of me to not even touch on male rape.

My rapist was a male, he did something bad to me, however I would never want him to get raped in prison or anywhere else. Beside the point really....this is a great video which briefly covers a male rape victim story and male rape in general.

I hope you all can get something out of it like I did!

Victoria Placeo

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